foney money

i really want this phone. Its $400. Its something that doesn't appreciate, and its not "living expenses" but Im making an exception in this case. So the question is, rather than thinking about spending $400, how can I (legally) make $400?

I think of financial instruments first because they're all online and abstract and computery and the math involved is pretty simple. All stuff Im familiar with. Plus, electronic markets are part of the evolution of humanity. ubiquitious computing will put all sorts of items and services into electronic markets. but i digress.

Being a beginner and no access to financial experts or hot deals, etc. the easiest route is simple interest from a bank. 2.25% checking account

How long does it take 2.25% to bring $100 to $500? About 72 years. Okay stop laughing.

I can wait a couple months, not 72 years. The mystery continutes.