Bush promised action to overhaul

President George W. Bush promised action to overhaul the U.S. spy network after a presidential commission declared that the information used to justify the war in Iraq was ``dead wrong.''

... The commission said in a 600-page report that a ``major intelligence failure'' by the Central Intelligence Agency and other bureaus misled Bush into believing Iraq had stockpiled chemical and biological weapons and planned to produce nuclear weapons.

The intelligence community ``was dead wrong in almost all of its prewar judgments about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction,'' the panel told Bush in a letter.

bloomberg news

dead wrong. dead child-soldiers. what a travesty. what a crime.

i find it amazing that bush's quotes are about improving mistakes and not a lick of regret or apology. of course, he can't give even a hint of unwaveringness about having troops in iraq. does no WMDs mean its time to pull out? no, we're in there to 'stabilize' the whole area with billions of US dollars and thousands of US lives.

its easy to criticize, and the next question should be what would i do differently? my answer is to bring almost all the troops home. does that mean we're leaving iraq to be overrun by warlords? years of civil war in iraq by a half dozen small groups, each having enough money and weapons to kill each other but no one group being able to unite the country. i think thats what the republican party wants the US population to think. Even if thats the case, i'd still bring em home. but i dont think thats the case. i think there is another way.