automated financial management

what got me on the finance kick in that last post was doing a bit of tax-calculating. what would be really amazing is to have some always-running software that does a multitude of financial monitoring/management/analysis. it makes it very easy to ask, what would my savings look like in 3 months if i stay at this job full time or if i go to PSU and dont work 1 day a week. it could show me how much interest im paying per month for each debt and how much each asset is earing per month.

i know microsoft money does a lot of this but im looking for something a) not proprietary, and b) more webservices/sentient bot kind of thing. like SMSing me when i need to pay someone or a strange deduction just happened to my checking account. this idea has been on the to-do list for years. its probably quite possible to start doing this very kind of work for a full-time job for some other company.