I bought a used 20GB iPod from Darrin this week. Part of me says I don't need one and its mostly extra stuff I don't need. The other part of me feels like its the One True Ring. The weight and the balance of the player is phenominal. It has a fine brushed metal back and the touch sensitive wheel is very accurate and comfortable for analog operations. Its a joy to use and I like the idea of having 20GB of disk with me for general purpose file transfers.

Of course it feeds into other expenses - id like an iPod dock ($40) which im Not going to get. now the idea of owning music seems more important. my stash of CDs hasn't had a new addition in years and years. I listed to a lot of streaming music. I just bought my first albus off of iTunes. I got that consumer dope hit high. oh yeah, that calms the shakes.