how to run fiber

fiber down my street wouldnt exactly work the way one might imagine it - one strand with a break at every house. there isnt an optical Y-junction that I know of so that means converting light into electrical signals and back out to light at every 100 feet or so. that would be hugely inefficient.

fiber to the curb is probably a better plan. to have a street concentration point and run a single piece of fiber from there to each home.

we went to a marina yesterday to look at unwiring a group of 24 floating homes. to just run ethernet to each home wouldnt work because of the 300ft limit. using switches at the front door of each house might work. it shaped as one long boardwalk with houses on either side.

say i had a trench from my house to each house in my street, say 10 houses. just what equiment would i need and what would it cost? id probably need a cisco router with 10 fiber ports. the other end would need to be another cisco with one or two fiber ports. already that sounds expensive. the other end may be able to get away with a fiber PCI card. the fiber itself comes in different types. i have no idea what that costs.