did you know that layer

did you know that layer 2 can be just as interesting as layer 3? its got its own address space, its own routing protocol (spanning tree), and switches can turn on or off ports at will. im learning some cool stuff in networking class from jim binkley.

just as i was waking up i was imagining software that runs on the WRTs that looks at the scanreults for PTP nodes and tries to leach onto one if it hasnt already. It'd be plug-and-plag for the owner of the WRT. It'd also provide tons of information about what its thinking, has done, and is about to do. A java desktop application could control a large number of wrts. of course tropos is the grand-high leader in this area. i should find out what their standard setup is as far as number of radios, power, protocol, etc. right after i analyse a couple existing city-wide rollouts. assuming any actually exist that are more than say 5 APs. right after i work on ap radar and right after dailywireless gets the attention it needs. in between the hours when i come home from work and go to bed, minus eating time and relaxing time.