d like to make a

i'd like to make a java application that talks to the metrix box in the house. it'd get signal strength stats and ping stats off of the ath0 interface. it'd be very useful to the clients of the AP because the link often looses connectivity temporarily. i like to leave an ssh window to the metrix box open with a ping to an internet host running.

in other news dje mentioned that while he was at worldcup yesterday, there were about 18 people there with about 14 laptops! and worldcup isn't that big. about 8 were mac laptops. yet he said noone was running iChat. we both agreed that we were a bit concerned about the amount of human-computer interaction and the lack of human-human interaction. i pointed out that without the laptops, people in a cafe still dont generally talk to each other. the laptops could actually bring these people together, for those who would be interested in such a thing. an instant messaging bot thats local to that cafe was what dje suggested. having a bot host a trivia game might be a fun first attempt.

in other news the veganopolis cafe is running off of one WRT54G and openwrt. Add the olsr.org port to openwrt to the mix and it makes a compelling case that the WRT54G is the platform that will bring the wifi cloud to portland. its unmatched cost and flexability are very interesting.

in an average week i don't even have time to watch a single TV show of my two favorites: battlestar galactica and the west wing. ap radar get ignored as does dailywireless. all i can do about projects is to blog about them it seems. although that would be satisfying in itself if the blogging was detailed enough or inspiring enough for someone else to run with it.