The Lighthouse

Ive been living in The Lighthouse for almost two weeks now. Its a "zen" house in that everyone in the house has a "spirital practice". There are 7 people living there including myself. Its a 2700sq foot house over 4 floors. Its two blocks down from the zendo that each one of us attend in some way.

We had a housewarming party on saturday. There must have been 60+ people there. At 6 there was a buddhist house blessing. Later on there was a jazz quartet and a keg of bridgeport IPA. One housemate has a blue electric guitar named "babe" with a little amp that has overdrive mode. I brought my laptop downstairs to display guitar tablature for AC/DC's Hells Bells. Mostly because I was watching parts of "School of Rock" the night before. I got one riff down to where it was recognizable. It was a lot of fun.