"The file sharing application known as eXeem (made by the creators of the now-defunct file-sharing site SuprNova.org) has gone into public beta. The program is based on the BitTorrent protocol. However, it eliminates the need for trackers and decentralizes the user from the network. This allows for Kazaa-style searching with the speeds and benefits of the BitTorrent protocol."

Oh man that sounds like the sweetspot of a filesharing service, building off the experiences learned from past projects. although what IS centralized is the "product" of exeem. i suppose that is the right approach if you're trying to make millions fast. not actually being an exeem beneficiary, id like to see someone improve bittorrent to be even "more distributed" and also address indexing and search. Then let people make open-source apps that are easy to use and one winner will emerge. Azureus is a good example.

exeem.com has a mailing address in the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Island nations are an interesting legal shield. I'm sure it gets VERY murky as to who has jurisdiction over what with the laws of each nation and international law all layered on top of each other. The CIA world factbook says the two islands were first settled by the British in 1623 and the crown is still in charge of country of thirtyeight thousand people.