authored an article

"Eric Ries, writer/programmer/CTO, authored an article "Kenosis and the World Free Web" at Freshmeat [Owned by Slashdot's Parent OSTG]. Kenosis is described "fully-distributed peer-to-peer RPC system built on top of XMLRPC." He has combined his Kenosis with BitTorrent & removed the need for a centralized tracker. He states: "To demonstrate Kenosis's suitability for these new applications, we have used it to improve upon another peer-to-peer filesharing application that Just Works: BitTorrent. BitTorrent does one thing incredibly well. Using a centralized "tracker", BitTorrent manages efficient distribution of data that is in high demand. We have extended BitTorrent, using Kenosis, to eliminate this dependence on a centralized tracker."

that sounds way cool. i expect that BitTorrent itself will be extended by Bram to eliminate a centralized tracker.