close to the land

i imagine the days of living much closer to the land, perhaps in the american indian past or parts of the amish lifestyle. in open green plains during the summer. a big difference between then and now is that then, everthing was alive. everything automatically modified itself as a result of frequent use.

when you walked along the dirt or the grass, the ground gave way. it relented just a fraction to your footstep. the grass was alive and the dirt housed living things and also made things grow. The tree stumps that make up the seating around the firepit became warn with use. In the city, everything is made of asphalt and steele. nothing is alive and all of it is unrelenting. as computer systems get smaller, cheaper, more communicative, and more pervasive, we seek to create sidewalks and sides of buildings that respond - react to usage.

a country lifestyle, that still contained the internet and neighbors and plenty of intelectual pursuits, along with a wife and children, a neighboring wilderness, horses, dogs, lush meadows, trees, a creek, sounds like a very nice change.