tribal casinos "Gov. Ted Kulongoski may be close to allowing the first American Indian casino on non-tribal land in Oregon...The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and Kulongoski's staff are negotiating on the tribe's plan for a casino on an industrial tract in Cascade Locks in the scenic Columbia River Gorge."

There is a great ice-cream shop there, popular with travelers passing through. This hits home to me because the Gorge has been a sanctuary of nature, beauty, and peace my whole life. I want it to remain that way for my children to visit.

As far as I can tell via google, the Oregonian is not covering the story. Why is that?

The tribes of oregon have been looking at an off-reservation casio for a long time, as this story from 2000 shows. They also tried to go for a home run with a hotel/casio package right next to the convention center. 28-Sep-04 "More recently, late last year, the Grand Ronde proposed building an 800-room headquarters hotel at the Oregon Convention Center that would include an “entertainment complex,” which Grand Ronde officials later acknowledged meant a casino. The Grand Ronde withdrew that proposal to the Portland Development Commission when Kulongoski continued to object."

Kitzhaber was flatly opposed to off-reservation casinos: 05-Mar-2000 "The tribes' first choice is Cascade Locks, which is closer to the Portland metro area. But Gov. John Kitzhaber recently turned thumbs down on that because he didn't want to set a precedent for allowing off-reservation casinos."

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