wow it was a busy weekend. its funny, with school and work i actually have to allocate time to spend money. i "splurged" and took a whole weekday afternoon to look at different bicycle fenders messenger bags. i used the volvo to run erands (thanks dje!) and it is really nice to have a car for some things. One thing Ive noticed is that you dont smell exhaust when you're inside the car. Out in the lane on a bike, I inhale all sorts of revolting exhaust at stop lights and stop signs. In side the car I dont notice it at all. I love being able to turn up the stereo and to visit the big stores in the burbs. I transported my snow board and ski clothes from Klickitat, I bought some clothes from the Gateway Fred Meyer, got my hair cut out in gateway, and I bought some halogen lighting from the Home Depot at Jantzen Beach.

On sunday I went to yoga class for the second time. It was really good. Really good stretches and the instructor is very motivated. I went back to Home Depot for another light and a dimmer switch to replace a switch in the wall. I got some homework done too. I felt alone pretty much the whole weekend. for some reason i dont seem to do the things that lead to trust and intimatcy with others. oh i did go over to seth's house friday - we watched I, Robot and talked on the porch afterwards. that was good. i thought about K and about how I miss her.

oh I found a watch at Fred Meyer. for $20 and it looks really good. Ive been wanting a watch for a while, i havent worn one in many years. in fact, i think its been since my first girlfriend gave me a watch and then I threw it out the window of my VW bus somewhere in california on my way to LA after we broke up. That was in '97. I got a Columbia Fleece vest, too. Its olive in color, just like my carhart pants and the deck shoes i was wearing. The long sleeve shirt was also greenish. I was olive from head to toe. Its a good color in the fall. My bike is green, too. I think there's a pattern here.