the balls came. this office chair meme came from a physical therapist to darrin and his girlfriend elaina. now elaina's entire 200+ office is sitting on professionial exercise balls instead of office chairs. darrin, aaron, and i had to try this ourselves. we ordered three Thera-Band balls and they've finally arrived.

They're AWESOME. We inflated them and already I can tell you they are 1000% percent better than an office chair. already im using entire banks of never-before-used-in-a-chair muscles in my back to keep myself balanced. the slight rolling is a slight stretch to the back in any direction you care to go. yet you can also steady yourself just as in a regular chair. i can hold on to something and do real stretches or sit in different positions and just wiggle around. its SO FUN.

already i can feel fatigue in muscles around my torso, which means they'll be slowly strenghened over time.