I am loving

I am loving evolution! the GUI is very nice. the signed email is Great. Im getting into LDAP servers and the iCal calendar.

configuration is still very manual. its a bit annoying to setup evolution twice - on my desktop and laptop. I came across iCalshare.com - a web directory of iCal files. its a very good idea although in this particular incarnation its not very useful - just about all the calendars are abandoned. subscribing to a calendar of space shuttle launches or DVD releases or local government meetings or bands for a particlar venue - that has real value. and thank god there is iCal - a popular, open, calendar storage format. im still not familiar with the webcal:// protocol.

anyhow what i want is for evolution to be more network-aware and a bit more proactive in finding calendars. i want it to discover other calendar aware applications running on the network and retrieve a list of their available calendars. if the other app is run by a trusted friend, i want to automatically refresh my local copy of their calendar.