musicfestNW was fun to hang

mini update: musicfestNW was fun to hang with my buds at many bars but the bands were really bad.

im excited about signed email. on linux the evolution client does signed email well. on OS X (at work) the GPGmail add-on for OS X's "Mail" app is also quite good. I can use mutt for text-mode signed email if need be. now all my email will be signed. yea. no forging of my email to people who care, mr. spammer!

the next step would be to drop all inbound email that is not signed. that'd be sweet. with maybe a whilelist for the few folks who really wont be signing their email any time soon.

also SPF appears to be winning the standards war. We were about to add it to the zone when a couple people bitched that they could no longer send email with their ptp address using their local mail server. so we held off on adding the TXT record.,, and all have SPF records. That goes a LoNg way to eliminating forged emails from those servers.