a healthy wiki

im at personal telco university and Darrin is talking about a healthy wiki.

Personal Telco's wiki is a healthy wiki. Today someone put up a bunch of link spam on 3 wiki pages. I happen to be changing a wiki page and noticed my friends wiki homepage had changed recently. I looked at the page and noticed a bunch of random links at the bottom which were obviously link spam. I removed them and the other pages edited by the same person (all with link spam). Darrin pointed out that the person's linkspam lasted for about 5 minutes before someone cleaned it out.

oh a side note is explaning the idea of a wiki to someone who responds with a tragedy of the commons response. its wonderful to have a living example that says this kind of openness, even to damage, to vandalism, survives because its got active caretakers.

those are medium arguments, with medium counter-responses. there is a huge example of warehousing, processing, and re-distributing information dumped into it by the general public. wikipedia! Its an amazing database of a big chunk of human knowledge.