its like new york city

its like new york city did something to me. i feel more content. i feel a little more in-charge, like portland is just a small town. i feel a bit more grown-up. its a good feeling.

of course its the people that matter, not the place. to see my sister get married and get married to a good guy was indescribably important. i also saw my dad's side of the family whom i havent seen in many years. we were glad to be together on this happy occassion but there was also a fair amount of disfunction. i was raised on some disfunctional habbits and its my job in life to unlearn those things and replace them with something better.

tonight was the personal telco meeting. after the meeting there was a fair amount of beer flowing at katie obrien's bar. on the bike ride home i thought outloud quite a lot about what K meant to me and what i must do now. the more i grow up the more things i see i could have, should have done better.

i am loving my new apartment. its the best. the feng shui is 1000% better. its quieter. i love the carpet and the new shower curtains i bought - i got the vinyl curtain and splurged on a cloth outer curtain.