i had a fever yesterday

i had a fever yesterday and last night. it was rough. i was at tom's for a personal telco installfest/BBQ and i felt really sick really fast. all evening i felt weak and i had a headache. then it got worse. i was burning up hot, i couldnt sleep, i was sweating. i kept getting up to put water on my face and drink a bit more water (the water in my building is really bad, a sip is all i could take). I thought crap Im not going to work tomorrow. Im not sure exactly when but it must have been around 2 or 3am when the fever just broke. when I woke up at about 7am, I felt like a new man. I've been feeling odd all morning. more open to the possibilities. i gave some serious thought to doing something besides school this fall. at one point i really wanted to go back to thailand for another visit.

today felt just a bit like fall. late summer and fall are so beautiful.

i brought a bunch of CDs from klickitat into work. Bill Joel's "Lullaby" from River of Dreams makes me want to play the piano again.