i rode in the bridgepedal

i rode in the bridgepedal today. i went in the first group to leave which is the 'fast' group at 7:00am. We started a bit late but then we were rollin, over two bridges then back downtown. By that time the course wasnt marked very well and they sent the whole race down the wrong road. After some confusion it was determined that the morrison was the next bridge. Being very familiar with downtown navigation, I took off down un-blockaded streets heading for the next bridge. I found myself in front of a pack of about 50 cyclists - I was leading the way for this large group to the next bridge. It felt a bit like being the stage leader in the tour de france. it was an awesome feeling! I pushed myself the whole way to go fast through the course. At some point I felt a bit nautious as my body changed into total output mode. I finished the long ride at around 8:20am and just at that time, I ran into Aaron and Edie and Aaron's mom who were about to start at 9am. So I rode the bridgepedal again! the short ride this time and we were going at a slow pace. it was fun because we could take things slowly and enjoy the scenery.

Afterwards we had a burrito from ole ole. Seth called and said he got Doom 3 and it was awesome. I went over to his house for a while to check it out. by the afternoon i was very tired and came home to take a nap.