on slashdot there is an

on slashdot there is an article abou the ohio linuxfest. i pictured an oregon linuxfest out in the desert, with tents of geeks and rows of tables of PCs. then I thought of all the effort and potential for what? i imagined someone going up on stage similar to the famous saturday night live skit when shatner derides the trekkies. what are you doing here? people need food! people need emotional training! housing needs repair. injustice need to be stopped.

then i thought about lasertag. a controled environment where people go for fun. i thought what about theatertag? you pick a social situation and there are paid actors to provide that situation. you walk into the room and act out what you want. for a fee. maybe you ride the bus everyday and always wanted to start singing and dancing for a small crowd. maybe you want to help a group of gradeschoolers do and arts and craft project. oh wait thats achievable in the real world. maybe you want to pretend to be the president of the U.S.A. giving a speech to congress or the united nations. maybe you want to be a rock star playing for a huge stadium of people.