Rusty Metal

im listening to the "Rusty Metal" live365 station. Its got all 70s/80s heavy metal. Some of its really fun to listen to. What is suprizing is the themes in the lyrics.

its easy to picture a long haired black leather pants wearing skinny white guy screaming into a mic. what you dont expect is there are just as many songs of love and loss as there are of partying, anger, sex and drugs. its not as depraived and devil-worshiping as the parents of those decades might have thought. it sounds more like crappy highschool poetry.

Quiet Riot - The Wild And The Young

Times are changing Nothing stays the same For this jukebox generation

Adhere to fashion Like computer games Modern day communication

The news hard to take Will fade tomorrow They are the strong They'll survive

The wild and the young They all have their dreams The wild and the young They've got to be free The sun never sets For souls on the run The wild and the young ....